Thailand published a Notification of Ministry of Industry B.E. 2562 (2019): List of hazardous substances (No.5) in the Royal Gazette on 16 October 2019. Following substances were added to the List 5.1 controlled by Department of Industrial Works (DIW), Ministry of Industry, as a Type 3 Hazardous Substance.

• No.519 Decabromodiphenyl ether (CAS No. 1163-19-5)
• No.520 Alkanes, C6-C18, chloro (CAS No. 68920-70-7)
• No.521 Alkanes, C10-C12, chloro (CAS No. 108171-26-2)
• No.522 Alkanes, C10-13, chloro (CAS No. 85535-84-8)
• No.523 Alkanes, C10-14, chloro (CAS No. 85681-73-8)
• No.524 Alkanes, C12-C13, chloro (CAS No. 71011-12-6)
• No.525Alkanes, C12-C14, chloro (CAS No. 85536-22-7)

Manufacturer, importer, exporter and/or  a person in possession of those substances are required to take action, such as registration and application for license, within 90 days.